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    Buddy's Bike Show

    Thanks for putting this on. I had a great time. I'm honored to have won the Kustom class and hope to do some more work to the bike this winter. Next up is a bike for my wife. I hope to hear of some upcoming pub crawls in the future. Ryan
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    Terry66's Bikes

    1928 Elgin Street Racer I absolutely love this bike! Great work! I started with the same frame and ended up going a completely different direction. I may have to do another in this style.
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    Girvin fork..

    Girvin 1 1/8" turned down in lathe to fit. I bought it with the elastomer missing, so I cut down a gate spring from Tractor Supply for the shock. It works great, but I have a better looking spring that I'm going to add when I strip down to paint.
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    Pub Cruiser

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum, but have been lurking for a bit. I got bit by the bug about a year ago when I went to a bicycle show in Belton, MO. It was put on by my father in law's best friend Buddy and had a great turnout. That was when I decided that I needed to put together a cool...