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    SOLD Spaceliner or something like that

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    Murray XM-2000 find

    I got the correct seat.
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    SOLD Roadmaster springer fork

    The fork was sold
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    SOLD Tear drop pedals and kick stand

    Selling from Cleveland, OH, 44111 Payment: PayPal or postal money order Pedals 60 $ shipped Now 42 $ shipped. SOLD The left pedal looks straight and pretty good, the right one has rhe axle bent and the blocks beat up. Check the pics Kick stand 40$ plus shipping. SOLD i
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    Prewar Mercury

    Anyway it has some good parts there: the 2 speed hub; the pedals which are beat up a little, but somebody in the job can make them nice; the kick stand.
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    Prewar Mercury

    I got this bike today. Looks to be a prewar bike. Any idea how should I identify the year? Where should be the serial number situated? The frame is repainted. I know the wheels are not original, the rear is a 2 speed kickback red band. The seat is not original too. What about the fenders or the...
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    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    I am on 40$. Thank you
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    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    20$ shipping for the blue fork, no.4. plus 20$ tje fork. Through BikeFlights. Let me know
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    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    I will check thw shipping
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    CWC Roadmaster straight bar frame

    Not for sale
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    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    From left to right lengh of tube and of the threading 6 1/2 and 1" 7 and 1 1/4" 7 and 1" 7 3/8 and 1 1/4" First two have some hardware the last two no hardware, as seen in pics. Any of 1, 3 or 4 are 20$ plus shipping. Tje second red with hardware is 30$ plus shipping
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    1950s ladies roadmaster forks 26 inch

    I have 4 forks, coming from Roadmaster ladies bikes. I will send pics
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    Long time I didn't post here. Some of the last weeks acquisitions: 2003 Cannondale R800 Caad5, just got it yesterday, i need to adjust the seat 2009 Trek Alpha 2.1, got it yesterday, sold today 1997 Titus Titanium FCR 1998 Bianchi Veloce, Campagnolo 1977 Raleigh Competition 1984 Trek...
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    Peerless and Western Flyer

    Hello, I found these two bikes in a antique mall. Interested what's the year of fabrication, they look to be prewar. The owner said the Peerless is as early as 1917...1920, but I think is around 37...40's. The ladies WF looks same age or newer. What's your opinion? And what is the value? As I...