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    SOLD Elgin wheelset/Good Year tires

    26” Elgin wheelset, rolls fairly true. Probably could use a going through, hadn’t been on a bike in a while. Missing little oil cap/zert. Really nice Good Year tires, cleaned up for pic. Asking 150$ shipped.
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    SOLD Pre-war Roadmaster bent tank

    Want to move this one along, 1939 I believe, (forgot the serial # pic) Roadmaster bent tank. Got it on the Cabe about 3 years ago. Cleaned it up and rode it maybe 20 minutes and it’s been in my shop ever since. I added the grips, seat, pedals, NOS Diamond chain and beautiful Lightning Darts. My...
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    A GO TO Seller and all round Great member.

    Pleasure doing business with you!
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    SOLD Elgin curved bar frame

    Cool curved bar frame, I was gonna Klunk it, but plans changed. Would love to see it klunked. Also have the original fork/truss rods in another ad if interested. Serial # is illegible. Asking 140$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
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    SOLD Few parts

    Bars sold.
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    SOLD Few parts

    Parts came off my parted out curved bar Elgin. All offers entertained. Prices include shipping from Louisiana, 70525. Trying to raise a few dollars for my new mini bike addiction. Nicely patina’d complete crankset. 50$ Complete MEN'S fork/truss rods/hardware. 3 star design, was painted green...
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    2 Lights

    Bump, bundle em up for a good deal!
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    Original Troxel bell cup seat

    Bump, throw a # at me.
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    SOLD Skip-tooth chain

    Nice shape skip toother, 56”, no frozen links, works great. Asking 45$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
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    Original Troxel bell cup seat

    Original seat, post included. Asking 135$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
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    2 Lights

    Nicely patina’d 3 rib, don’t work-guts are there, plastic lens. Newer screws. Asking 120$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525. Cream top loader, guts ARE gone. Plastic lens is glued to bezel, nice placeholder or rat-rod light. Asking 40$ shipped from Louisiana.
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    SOLD Teardrop reflector pedals

    Decent set of men's pedals for your rider, gone through when I got them, may need fresh grease, it’s been a while. Axels May be slightly bent, but work fine. Asking 70$ obo shipped from Louisiana, 70525.
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    How does this work?

    ....! Look that dude's legs, lol.
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    Mini bike project

    On the hunt for a mini bike project to tinker with. Could be frame only, nothing rare or too expensive. Similar to pics below. Would obviously have to be shipped, unless you're near Louisiana. Thanks.