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    I just did this little warm up build in a day and a half.
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    Jimmy Jam is turning out good. I really dig that Retro Deluxe kit you got
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    @OddJob , You should name your build the PUNisher. :D :D :D
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    You wrapped up a typical RRB Build Off pretty well right there. We all thrive and feed of of the collective creativity that is displayed during the event. I feel that everyone that participates can't help but build something better than they would have in the vacuum of their own garage. I know...
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    I bet One Vote would come in dead last if you setup a single vote poll right now that had the choices of One Vote, Three Votes, or Unlimited Votes. Just my opinion and hunch. I also have the feeling of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"
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    REDUCED Strato Flite Spaceliner Astro Flite Chrome Chainguard

    $20 plus shipping Strato Flite Spaceliner Astro Flite Chrome Chainguard
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    International shipping?

    Any time that I have ever looked into it over the years, the prices always kill the deal.
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    Over the past few years you could vote for as many builds as you wanted to. Throughout this time, I have still voted by the old rules of just 3 votes. In my opinion forcing everyone to just have one vote is a bit too restrictive.
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    I plan to join the fun. Right now I have two different ideas. One is old with some new. The other is new with some old. We'll see how it shakes out come May.
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    Anyone tried these "Thousand Heritage" helmets?

    They lost me at "vegan leather"...Cool helmet, but I'm not looking to eat it. :D
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    Blast from the (RRB) past

    A little dose of Gaskill always does a body good!!!
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    I don't believe I have ever seen that frame before. Sweet build! CONGRATS!
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    Cheap Copper

    Great classic muscle bike fun right there. Clean build. That fatty slick is awesome! BRAVO!