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    Last week I rebuilt my 2018 Avenger with some of the parts I recently removed from my 68 Typhoon. The wheels less the 7 speed hub, cranks and brakes were originally fitted to the Avenger. Before fitting the wheels I removed the roller brake from the 7 speed Nexus hub as the Avenger has a rear...
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    Nexus 4 hub gearing

    @horsefarmer. I also fitted a 10mm longer cheapie cromo 175mm crank.
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    Nexus 4 hub gearing

    Thanks Matti. I’ve thought about a bmx conversion but its too clean and the only bike i have with fenders so i doubt i’ll ever do it.
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    Nexus 4 hub gearing

    They look like nice bikes @horsefarmer. I can understand you dont want to swap out the ross sprocket. I’m not keen on small chainrings but the 36T on my heavy duti looks ok behind the chainguard and works well with the 23t rear. I’m sure I’ll be using this bike more now.
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    Nexus 4 hub gearing

    I recently bought an old barely used electra hawaii with a nexus 4 speed hub. This hub is no longer made and has the unusual feature of a direct 1st gear. if coupled with the gearing of the typical 26” cruiser you would have 2nd through 4th as overdrives. I decided to try the hub on my heavy...
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    Gary Fisher klunker build - advice and/or ideas are welcome!

    I believe there are 3 nexus hubs of different widths. If you do not like the roller brake you can remove the assembly on the left side of the hub and fit a plastic cover. These are available on ebay from a seller in Germany. Also i have used a SA thumb shifter with a nexus 3 and it worked...
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    What is the worst bike that you own?

    No worries. I've never bought one of the high end Izumi chains but I can say even their least expensive chain is excellent and still made in Japan.
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    What is the worst bike that you own?

    I used the cheapest Izumi model chain, not the expensive track level chains. Was only $5 more expensive per chain than a KMC. It had a KMC Z chain as standard which still looked new but with very loose links.
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    What is the worst bike that you own?

    This Electra straight 8. Bought it because it was a bargain and i wanted one. It has the clunkiest drivetrain of any bike i have ever ridden. I thought fitting a new chain would help so i bought a new Japanese Izumi chain for it (actually 2 because the chainstay is so long). It didn’t improve...
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    Huffy Back Water conversion to 27.5 single speed

    That a tough looking frame that’s complimented by the 27.5 wheels. I have to agree with wildcat and chuy and put a straight blade bmx fork on it.
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    Any info/thoughts on this quill stem?

    Pretty much standard alloy stem from a raleigh road bike
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    Back at it

    Welcome. My young daughters are the same reason I started riding and working on bikes last year. enjoy the ride
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    I finished 3!

    Wow. nice work
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    Long term Lurker - Joined at last!

    Welcome. plenty of fun to be had here
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    68 Schwinn Typhoon

    Last week, I swapped most of the parts that were on my typhoon on to a bare wtp avenger frame i had. I bought new tyres, grips and pedals but many of the other parts i used were salvaged from parts bikes. A while ago i bought a sturmey archer thumb shifter on amazon that was advertised to work...