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    middle name DANGER

    Starting to compile the parts, yes- the cart is parts.
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    middle name DANGER

    Picked up a batch of these a year ago with the intent to retrofit for actual headlight use. Well they've sat in the shop long enough.....time to build. Got one put aside for bonine prize vault As for the bike, from scratch or scrap I'll figure that out later.......
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    Need a bike pick up in Gilbert AZ- Phoenix area

    Re: Need a bike pick up in Denver Send me a PM with your contact info- we can hook you up. Pete
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    20" Springer fork??!?! Anyone?

    Dave- tomorrow is the veloswap: Along with 20" springers, there will be plenty of other goods at killer prices. Cost is $8 to get in, if you go to Performance Bike Shops or go to the above link you can save a couple bucks and get tix for $6.
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    3" wide tire on thule

    I have a rack on my trailer and use an older version of these: I cut off the portion that has the factory strap (still using the piece that goes into the channel) and then use heavy duty velcro and mount to the hold down where the old straps were...
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    Paddy Waggin' Rollin

    Ready to roll pic and before pic. From grocery getter to hot dog cruiser. Will eventually add a cover to the trailer to keep Grant shaded from the mile high sun. Build thread: viewtopic.php?f=76&t=72048
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    Paddy Waggin'

    Few more pics, couple with Grant on and next to his new wheels.
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    Love this build- the skins are riding nice and tight under the fenders, well put together- built to cruise at zero to 100.
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    Paddy Waggin'

    Why use the 3 months provided when you can get it all in the last weekend...... Don't have much in progress photos, to busy buildin' to get shots during the stages not to mention the lack of write up. Here it is, Paddy Waggin' before and after Trailer is finished with astroturf to make...
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    Paddy Waggin'

    Worked late into the night Friday getting the bike assembled before doing some final pieces. Got the front end on Saturday morning finally found something I could use as a seat spring....old motorcycle wheel bumper holder. After some cutting, grinding, sanding and paint, we have a old...
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    Paddy Waggin'

    Was able to get a few coats of paint on the frame too Happenings this week- waggin' cover, painting fenders and other misc trim pieces, finishing frame paint and touch up.
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    Paddy Waggin'

    Thanks everyone for the support! Finally have time to post up progress from the past weekend. Made the tub using a couple cement mixing tubs, pieced them together with plastic welds and welded up metal base to support the big guy while still giving him some flex. Sprayed based layer with...
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    Paddy Waggin'

    Digging the doggles, have to see if he'll give up his CHiPs Poncharellos.... Copying is the greatest form of flattery, I've been longing to add cut off bat mufflers to a ride since seeing Rusty513's Hot Rod Huffy build off last year...
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    Paddy Waggin'

    Has it been two months...... Back in May mocked up a top tube after cutting the seat tubes. Added apes and a springer to get design ideas. Welded in the tubes, packed on a can of bondo to form the tank and primered it this afternoon (July 4th) Hoping to paint this weekend and assemble the...