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    cleaned another garage

    I had the AMF Hot Seat as a kid. I wore holes in several right rear tires from skidding :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    What to do w/ a frame in good condition?

    Looks like everyone else has paint restoration under control here, so I'll go for the chrome: I use Naval Jelly and a nylon brush to clean up old crusty chrome. Heavy rust and pitting cannot be completely removed, but you'll be surprised how clean the chrome will come out with very little hard...
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    Kabuki road bike

    Since I am away from home for Easter, I will get shipping quotes to everyone sometime Monday night. Thank all of you for interest in these parts! (I can use the space in my house :lol: )
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    Kabuki road bike

    Monday evening when I'm back home I will weigh the wheels and get you a shipping quote. Would you have a set of 26" wheels with a coaster brake for a beach cruiser I'm putting together for a friend?
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    Kabuki road bike

    Post your zip code, I'll figure shipping and come up with a price.
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    Dyno Ultra Glide

    Now THAT is a score! Scallops will never die.
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    Kabuki road bike

    Yes, the wheels are Mavic MA2 27x1x1/4 with QR's. Hubs are French made Mallards.
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    Kabuki road bike

    Just picked up this old road bike from a friend (original owner) who no longer wanted it... Says its a ~1979 Kabuki SSK. Its a little small for me (53cm frame) otherwise I would make a cheap fixie out of it. It has some nice parts like Mavic MA2 wheels, Sugino cranks, TTT stem, ITM handlebars...
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    Old Style Patches

    I remember seeing smudge pots in the mid 70's as a kid (I'm 40 now). I suppose I'm not old enough to remember hot father never used them to repair the tubes in my bikes as a kid.
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    Super Interesting Vintage Lightweight

    Cool curvy seat and chainstays. I'm willing to bet there is some vertical compliance which makes the ride smooth and responsive which is the idea behind the Jeff Jones SpaceFrame. Those cranks are nice and would lend some visual interest to a typical cantilever framed bike.
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    The Mary is an excellent XC bike for the money. Its not the lightest bike due to the wheels, but the geometry is real nice with a very compliant rear triangle. (My Salsa's rear triangle beats me up on the same trails) I have never had issues with the eccentric bottom bracket creaking or moving...
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    I have two 29ers and won't mountain bike on 26" wheels any more. My single speed is a 2007 Haro Mary SS with an On One carbon fork. The geared bike is a 2007 Salsa El Mariachi with a 1x9 drivetrain.
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    New York City Rats! Update March 4th!!!!!

    The fork on that yellow rickshaw style bike took a beating...nice "fix" by turning the fork backwards. :roll: The military green cruiser is a Nirve!
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    Show me your streched bike

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    Show me your streched bike

    3 speed burrito.