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    "OUTLAW" made the deadline? WHAT???

    Nice work Dude!! looks awesome:41:
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    Extended Cruise - Video Added!

    Insanely beautiful work Dude!!
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    Magnificent works!!! The imagination of these crazy, no limits!! thank you
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    New daily rider

    The painting is beautiful!!
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    1950s Huffy Rusty cruiser

    Nice bike Dude!!:thumbsup:
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    My ex rusty Holland bicycle

    thaks Dude!!
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    My ex rusty Holland bicycle

    I would love to get those tires, but to that extent (26 x 1/2 x 2) do not get in Argentina !! Would have to change the tire rims for a smaller, but would be awesome!!!
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    My ex rusty Holland bicycle

    thanks for the comments!! I had it with rust for 10 years; then I got tired and gave a little color. before oxide, she was shiny black. now is satin black
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    La perfeccion es basura!!

    La perfeccion es basura!!
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    My ex rusty Holland bicycle

    so it was Is not finished yet when finished I upload photos. it is called Tipocleta. from Argentina with rust!!
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    Hello from Argentina

    Hi I'm ElTipo! a musician (guitar player),and I like very much the rat rod. in general. (bicycles, Bikes, cars, guitars, pin up girls) Forgive me for my bad english, promise to improve. Peace