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    What pic on google images first sucked you in to RRB?

    It started with the strandie thread at BMX Museum. I made up my mind to build one. I started rounding up a bike and parts. While I was trying to decide on colors and build particulars using Google image search, I ran across Rat Rods straight bar build. That bike ticked all the boxes for me. The...
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    Stem ornament?

    It is a bracket for a headlight or lantern. They are very common on early English built bikes.
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    "Modular" tire.

    The second photo shows the major selling point, they are studded for winter rides. Still, nope...
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    RRB member in need of help!

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    1945 Huffman "Colt 45"

    This build is getting more twists and turns than a mountain canyon road. The springer pivot on the Goodrich was broken and poorly repaired many years ago. I took it apart and repaired and re-welded it so it is safe and stronger than original so now the wheels are going back to it for later...
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    1945 Huffman "Colt 45"

    The crusty drop center rims turned out to be too crusty. After lacing them I put them on the truing stand and minor tweaks caused big lateral shifts indicating they are way too soft. That won't do for prowling around on the wrong side of the tracks where a speedy escape might be called for. I...
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    Any TOC experts on here? Need some bottom bracket help.

    The tight chain ring to frame clearance seems to be how they were built. I had the same concern with mine but after looking at many online photos it appears to be correct. The races might prove to be a huge challenge to replace. If the aren't fretted or brinelled you can try polishing them with...
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    Block Chain or 1" Skiptooth

    I have found as I searched for parts for my own TOC bike that parts are crazy high, even parts that require major rehab. That one might have been bought for a display item by a serious collector with it being in super nice condition and in the original tin box.
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    reusing spokes

    Crash test dummy checking in. I'm building a set of wheels this afternoon with used spokes. If they break and kill me I'll let ya'll know.
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    1945 Huffman "Colt 45"

    On this build I want to run full sheet metal and tight fitment. A problem that cropped up was that by using the dogleg crank with a 44 tooth sprocket it required moving the chain guard forward and up to achieve clearance for the arm above the crank pin. If I rode it past the chicks, it would...
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    Getting to Know Matti

    At $40 that would make a great parts cadaver for a klunker build.
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    Block Chain or 1" Skiptooth

    Nice one on Ebay
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    Getting to Know Matti

    Good choices. Hardened criminals being returned to society for a new chance at life. Just keep them away from banks.
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    Naughty Newsboy

    Oh yeah, one more thing. After it cures it can be top coated with the polyurethane of your choice. I got that from Bob Villa.
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    Naughty Newsboy

    I wipe it on with a rag and wait until it starts tacking up (about 1/2 hour) and wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Rinse & repeat a couple times. Toss the rags into a container of water to keep the garage from burning down.