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    Any help with pre war schwinn?

    Kinda hard tank to find...
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    Any help with pre war schwinn?

    Yes, It looks like a prewar Schwinn to me. Takes a hanging tank.
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    Littlest tough guy!

    Any Guesses?
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    Speed O Byke and small prewar bikes

    Hi, I am looking for a Speed O Byke or 12” sidewalk bikes from the 1930’s or any cool small accessories (horn, saddlebags, long spring tiny seats)Thanks, Kenny
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    Littlest tough guy!

    i just picked up this little dude and I’m trying to identify it. Looks French or European, but no clue. I know the wheels/tires are not original. All guesses are welcome! Thanks, Kenny
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    Slammed Schwinn Cruiser

    sissy bar backrest mounts were genius!! Bike looks Awesome !!
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    Kids trike help.

    Your tricycle is a Murray. Called a twin ZZ frame.
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    Schwinn Sting Ray??

    1963 1/2 to 1965 are in a whole different price range especially the deluxe models.
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    1977 AMF Avenger Evel Knievel BMX Bike

    Love that Evel bike !!
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    Newbie from central California

    Hi All, I recently found this website. I have been collecting bicycles since 1983, mostly prewar Schwinn, vintage Stingrays and vintage BMX. Thanks for adding me to the group! Kenny
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    David Bradley Hood

    I have one of those hoods if anyone is interested!
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    1950s Mead Ranger

    Cool l@@king bike !!
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    Top Fueler Drag Forks ..... SOLD OUT!!

    That is way cool!!
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    Show Your Muscle Bikes

    Dang, That bike is Perfect !!
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    Sidewalk bike

    Nice little dude. I just cleaned up this one, but I like the paint to tell a story!