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    BO15 ZEN

    Finally quit raining so got some body work done . Had some rough spots still does but looks pretty good . Time for paint I think you can see where this is going .
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    BO15 WAHA-SEDB-3 (Trike-Tor...ABS Beep)

    Don't know if I would use that battery tube somebody see's that thing with some wires sticking out of it might call the bomb squad .
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    BO15 ZEN

    Well original colour was red . I'm off and running had a few surprise things happen broken steer tube bearing race needs new bottom bracket bearings and the fork is slightly bent but no biggy.
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    27 Hibbard

    I found the right combination of bearings and cups . And won't tell what I did with the block of wood and the sledge hammer . But just a lot of tweaking till I got it now steers beautiful. Also with the drive train I was using a not very healthy block chain and the rear chain wheel was one of...
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    27 Hibbard

    This one went quick first time I had it together looked like this But could not get it to steer right tried a lot of things but never got it right . also drive train was never right so abandoned it and used the wheels on another bike So then it sat around for I think a couple of years ...
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    BO15 ZEN

    thanks guys will check that out Wildcat More bling don't know how old these are and can't find any info still in the box Nice German pedals spin great Also got a can of paint stripper but still not set on colour
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    BO15 fly my zephyr

    Just curious did the skip tooth sprocket not work because it needs to be dished ? I have one and used it on a 2 speed Sachs torpedo hub but they have a very thick steel sprocket so worked fine .
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    BO15 ZEN

    Well haven't done anything to my entry yet as the other bike I was thinking of entering's parts all came together and before I new it BOOM It was done so don't think I can enter it now . I have a few pictures so will probably just put it in the builds thread 1927 Hibbard resto mod has more...
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    1927 French fat bike

    Frame almost looks like it might of had a motor In it at one time.
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    BO15 ITZARAT - 1928 Schwinn Motorbike (Sand-blasted rims)

    Built one in 2013 with the shifter on the lower bar might save you from catching some appendages on it if you gotta make a quick stop
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    BO15 ZEN

    Some very shiney bits Thought about doing this as a clunker as you don't see these done that way very often . But did that strande last time I entered a build off so something a little different this time . Also just had a closer look at that chainring and it has 2 holes stud is in one . So...
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    BO15 ZEN

    Side shot Snyder fastback Going to change a few things . Patina is faux so it's going. It's a great riding solid bike .
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    BO15 ZEN

    Might do a couple of bikes but starting with this 30s Zenith Has a kinda yin yang chain wheel and think we all need a little Zen right now .
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    Rust removal

    Me too WD-40 0000 still wool IF your lazy leave the wd on for a long time and use lots
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    opinions wanted

    Do it :thumbsup: