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    What have you been riding lately?

    I put my pal in his trailer the other day … just to make sure he’s still ok with it too. He is.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    I've been on the revamped veteran Kona Hard Tail a bit lately.
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    What have you been riding lately?

    I could well do without the injury close up.
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    Returning the helmet.

    I tried him out in the trailer on this afternoon's ride. He was still fine in it.
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    Returning the helmet.

    I built the trailer for him when he was injured and he used to ride in it to and from the park every day. Now he has recovered he doesn't like it that much. He will go in it if I make him - or if I think he's to worn out to cope. He's 10 now so I manage him a bit.
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    Returning the helmet.

    I ordered a Large. They sent a Small. Oh well - off to the Post Office to return it. Beautiful Spring Day in Brisbane so we hooked up the rig and had a fine time of it. My Pal was keen for a sniff (and two poops). Job done.
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    The anti-klunk? (Show us your urban bombers!)

    The STR with some new Schwalbe Big Apple tyres.
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    Electra Bicycle Pics

    24” front wheel back on. It rides a bit nicer than the 29”.
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    Thick Brick on a 24" Wheel

    About 40lbs on a standard aftermarket 24" rim. Tire: Tyre:
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    schwalbe 55-622 / 50-622 opinions and size?

    I've just put some 29x2.35 Big Apples on my STR. They are quite balloon-ish/wide. But they are very good tyres. Low rolling resistance, quick steering, grip and very good comfort. I really rate them highly.
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    Bikes on bridges

    It *is* a bridge. Just an insignificant one. :)
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    24" or 29" Front Wheel?

    24" or 29" front wheel on the Str8- what do ya reckon looks best? Got a new disc brake hub for the 24". It only takes 60 seconds to change 'em with the hex skewers. I like the 29" - but there isn't enough rake on the Electra frame to get the chopper sort-of look I was hoping for with the bigger...
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    Bikes on bridges

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    Bikes on bridges

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    Fat So?

    The idea is it's a Beach Cruiser that I can ride to, from and on the beach.