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    1954 Columbia 3 Star

    What a cool headlight!!! BART
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    NERRB New England Rat Rod Bicycles

    Wow, you guys really look like you are having fun
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    Columbia - reproduction

    Great for Rat Rods, no worry about using OG paint or modifying an OG part. $75 buck-a-roos plus 50 percent of the ride. Recently bought it for a project I'm building but didn't pay attention and it's incorrect. Cool, cheap tank for your Rat. Bart
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    RRBBO-12 Winner's Prize

    Based on the other stuff we have seen you's going to be a fenomaniol trophy! Bart
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    Columbia Firebolt

    Hmmmm, what is left? Wheels?
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    Dudley Mass. Bike SWAP MEET & VINTAGE ANTIQUE Bicycle Show (Dudley)

    Oh, BTW, I'll be driving a small black Chrysler please say hey! And yes I can stuff a full bike I to that car (just make a few mods and poof! In she goes!
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    Dudley Mass. Bike SWAP MEET & VINTAGE ANTIQUE Bicycle Show (Dudley)

    Yes, I'm going to be there....I'm looking for a nice set of middleweight wheels. No rust please. Should have a brand name hub as well. These would be going on a mid - 50's girls Columbia. Let me know what ya got! Venders...bring your Nuts, BoltsWashersBracketsScrewsassemblyjunk just in...
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    I think I'm in love - Is this price shipped if not how much to send to 06071 for the Ape Hanger version
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    Unique rear fender ornament. SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Always late on the cool stuff...I would have bought that just too look at. Nice accessory, great price!
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    Need a Prewar Hawthorne Fastback framke hanging tank for large Coke Thermometer

    Nothing?? How about I toss in some cash as well as the Coke sign???
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    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Dag Man, I plum forgot...I'll get right on it when I get home
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    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Just picked up this Schecter Acoustic Diamond Series with case for $50.00 at a tag sale over the weekend. Plays and so do great.......such a deal
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    Dudley bike swap bicycle meet show Sunday March 12 2017

    This was I need stuff Swap for most of the things I needed and a few extras....overall, I got a few item's had a good day...anyone get anything special?
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    Finally... a Fastback

    I don't even like muscle bikes and I'm glad for you:)
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    Dudley bike swap bicycle meet show Sunday March 12 2017

    I really enjoy this swap! I really enjoy the ride as I have a two seater and my car loves small roads. I’ll be looking for nuts and bolts from yesteryear as well as brackets for lights and sirens. Mostly I need a set of wheels for my daughters 50’s Columbia – must be nice…Please PM me in...