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    Rusting Bare Metal

    Dear Mr. Klunknoob: All depends on the look that you're striving for. Boiled linseed oil applied on the rust might do the trick. This is a common technique with bikes that have rusted naturally. But since you're considering taking it down to bare metal, you could instead paint it with a...
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    Huffy Tundra Recruited into the Army

    Fellow Ratters, you inspired me! I found a plywood box that once contained a couple of bottles of wine, attached a cleat to the bottom that fits into the rear rack, hit it with the rattle can paint, and fastened it with a bungie. I believe that it does add to the military feel. Thanks! p.s. Do...
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    Homemade Tools

    Homemade adjustable truing stand. I used to use an old fork, but some wheels didn't fit. This one is from scrap 1 X 4 lumber, bits of 1/8" aluminum, carriage bolts, wing nuts, and screws. Clamp it in a vice to use.
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    Huffy Tundra Recruited into the Army

    Cap'n Awesome, gotta love the duffles! Gonna see if I can find something along that line.
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    Huffy Tundra Recruited into the Army

    A friend with a pickup truck (it's good to have friends with pickups) dropped off some curb finds. Included was a Huffy Tundra MTB, which is the red bike in the foreground in the photo below. It was in fair shape and I was able to get it on the road pretty quick. It rode well. For some reason...
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    Yes, Iverson triple tree fork with spring stickers (black and white in the photo). In my experience, the stickers didn't do much to soften the ride.
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    SPRING - 1950

    Dear Mr. Honcho: The amazing quality of that photo made me suspicious, because I'm used to tacky snapshots from that era. So I checked on the copyright holder indicated on the photo, Dave Gelinas. He specializes in collecting vintage photos (1940's - 1960's) with emphasis on cars. So it appears...
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    Removing house paint ?

    Sandman: All of the advice above is worthwhile. The reality is that the best method for a particular bike depends on the characteristics of the original paint and the characteristics of the secondary paint. I've had some good results with acetone. In any case, the best idea is to try out the...
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    Rat bike guys adjustable wrench.

    The blue-handle Park cone wrenches are nice, but pricey. Cheaper are their double-end cone wrenches (blue pic below). There are also other manufacturers of these, like Pedro's. Also, Grand Rapids Industrial Products makes sets of thin wrenches in metric and SAE sizes (red pic below). I'm not...
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    Faux wood rims

    There is a long tradition of painting something to look like something else. It's called "trompe l'oeil," which is French for "fool the eye." There are tools available in craft stores for faux wood grain painting and lots of info online.
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    What is the best coaster brake, your opinions?

    Good discussion, but I would like to add a little broad perspective relative to braking. No matter how well a coaster brake stops the rear wheel from turning, it will take much longer to stop with only a rear brake. Maximum stopping power occurs just before the wheel locks up. This comes into...
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    Montgomery Ward bicycles

    I'll jump in here with a 24-inch girls Hawthorne tanker. First picture shows the bike as found. Remaining pics show after conversion to a quasi-muscle bike. I know, muscle bikes don't have rear racks or tanks. But I needed to keep that cool rack, even though I had to repair its front end with...
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    Really low-tech LED headlight conversion

    Spike: How do you fasten the LED flashlights into the headlamps in your conversions? Be well
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    Really low-tech LED headlight conversion

    1) Bought a little LED flashlight for a dollar at the dollar store (sorry, I forgot to take a pic before installation) 2) Removed the original bulb base and made the hole in the reflector bigger to accommodate flashlight 3) Fastened flashlight in place with hot glue Other obvious steps include...
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    Craigslist nightmares and dreams...

    A Worksman triple trike in north Jersey. Very cool.