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  1. Nathan E. Olson
    Nathan E. Olson
    I'm just trying to learn to build all types of Kustom Bikes, Trikes & Quad's, & I'm always trying to get my Art Sketches & Painting's done!
  2. schwinn boy
    schwinn boy
    Back n the saddle again
  3. Oak Tree
    Oak Tree freddy
    I like Morrow hubs and I’m watching your for sale item. Good luck with the sale
  4. Ethan
    Build-off 2019 Bike underway "Saturday Night Special"
  5. SpikeFC
    I'm gonna build me a Rat Rod, gonna drive it down the street...
  6. RUSTY05
    Pumped! Goin to build a bike for my first time ever always loved the Old Rat look.
  7. Karate Chicken Industries
    Karate Chicken Industries
    Bikes, Bikes and More Bikes
  8. Mike Jones
    Mike Jones Jaxon
    Hello I would like to get a set of your forks
  9. LeMad Hatter
    LeMad Hatter
    I build bikes as a hobby. It helps keep me sane
  10. Ethan
    Important things will go here one day......
  11. Xcruiser
    I am still around. Still have my bikes.
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  12. Sir
    Let's have a little fun.
  13. LukeTheJoker
  14. Boss
  15. Captain Awesome
    Captain Awesome
    When in doubt......whip it out
  16. OddJob
    "From rust thou hast come, and to rust thou shalt return" ~ OJ
  17. AZ_Cruiser
    AZ_Cruiser sdframe
    Hey sdframe, I am in Tucson as well. Just joined the forums and working on my 1980 Schwinn Cruiser build. We have any organized rides or clubs down here? How is the Tanque Verde swap meet for parts hunting? Hope to see you around if I need any advice.
  18. AZ_Cruiser
    AZ_Cruiser Danny the schwinn freak
    Hey dude, you still in Tucson? Just joined up on the board and have seen some cool threads by you and could use some advice/expertise on my own build. Also, we have any cruiser clubs or anything in Tucson? Maybe we could hook up a ride sometime. I am in Oro Valley but am down to ride all over town. - Richard
    1. Danny the schwinn freak
      Danny the schwinn freak
      Sent you a Pm
      Mar 1, 2019
  19. Backnblack
    Orange krate bike is on hold for little bit. Had my neck rebuilt. Looks awesome. Look likes something we would do on our bikes. LOL
  20. bsowder
    Western Flyer Redo