We created this quick list of bicycle related tools and parts that you may need when getting into the vintage and custom bike hobby. Most of what we have listed below is aimed at restoring and repairing cruiser bikes. Mountain bikes and road bikes may require more specialized tools depending on the age and brand. We’ve found that Amazon is a good source for most of what you will need to get started.

Bicycle Tools

The following is a list of bicycle tools that we recommend to have in your workshop in order to work on most vintage and modern cruiser bicycles. These are bicycle related and should accompany a basic set of standard/metric sockets and combination wrenches. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but you should be able to do most common overhauls and repairs with the following.

Bicycle Work Stands

If you plan to work on bicycles regularly we recommend that you invest in a good work stand. We personally use the Park PCS-10, but the Bikhand stand is an economical alternative.

Bike Parts

The following is a simple list of bike parts that you may need when restoring or customizng a bicycle. Make sure that you know the correct sizes before ordering. The sizes below are fairly standard for most cruiser bikes.


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